PhD Studentship

PhD studentship is available at the Department of Automatic Control and
Systems Engineering and School of Mathematics and Statistics (The University of Sheffield), in the following areas:

  • General MHD wave theory with solar and astrophysical applications
  • Numerical modelling (HPC and GPU computing) of wave processes in the solar atmosphere
  • MHD wave observations and Solar Magneto-Seismology
  • Heating of the solar atmosphere: waves, reconnection, etc.
  • Novel joint ground-based and satellite observations of the Sun and Sun-Earth system
  • Analysis of ionospheric perturbations: application to climate prediction and natural hazard risk assessment
  • Energy transfer mechanisms in the Sun-Earth system

  • Successful candidates will receive knowledge in analytical/numerical modelling and analysing high-resolution observations obtained by cutting-edge ground-based instruments and space satellites. The studentship may be supplemented by income from assistance in undergraduate tutorials.

    Applications are invited from Mathematics, Physics, Engineering or Computer Sciences students who have graduated or expect to graduate with a first or upper-second class degree.

    For additional information, please contact: Dr Viktor Fedun (ACSE) or Dr Gary Verth (SoMaS)