List of Meeting participants

 Name  Affiliation  Type  Title of the presentation
 A. Afanasev  1. KU Leuven, Belgium; 2. Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SB RAS, Irkutsk, Russia  Talk  Effect of Local Thermal Equilibrium Misbalance on Long-wavelength Slow Magnetoacoustic Waves
 I. Arregui  Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias  Talk  Inference of magnetic field strength and density from damped transverse waves in solar coronal waveguides
 X. Bai  National Astronomical Observatories, Chiese Academy of Sciences  Talk  Waiting for abstract submission
 M. Balikhin  The University of Sheffield  Talk  Waiting for abstract submission
 I. Ballai  University of Sheffield  Talk  Waves in partially ionised plasmas in ionisation non -equilibrium
 J. Ballester  Universitat Illes Balears  Talk  The temporal behaviour of MHD waves in a partially ionized prominence-like plasma: Effect of heating and cooling
 L. Bellot Rubio  Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia  Talk  Science with the European Solar Telescope
 P. Cally  Monash University  Talk  Fast-to-Alfvén Mode Conversion in the Solar Atmosphere: Structure and Non-Ideal Effects
 R. Chandra  Kuamun University, Nainital  Talk  Waiting for abstract submission
 U. Doshi  M.P.Birla Institute of fundamental Research and The M.S University of Baroda  Poster  
 G. Doyle  Armagh Observatory  Poster  
 E. Dzifcakova  Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences  Talk  Non-equilibrium effects of periodic electron beam in synthetic EUV spectra
 R. Erdelyi  The University of Sheffield  Talk  Solar magneto-seismology, the next step: MHD waves in asymmetric waveguides
 V. Fedun  The University of Sheffield  Talk  Numerical Studies of Jet Formation in the Solar Atmosphere
 L. Gizon  Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research  Talk  Equatorial Rossby Waves In the Solar Interior
 M. Goossens  KU Leuven  Talk  Mixed properties of MHD waves
 G. Gupta  IUCAA, Pune  Talk  Observations and modeling of heating and cooling of a coronal loop associated with active region transient brightenings
 V. Hansteen  University of Oslo  Talk  Ion-neutral effects in the solar chromosphere and type II spicules
 A. Joshi  NAOJ  Talk  Pre-eruption Oscillations in a Quiescent Filament
 A. Kaithakkal  NA  Talk  Small-scale Flux Cancellations Observed by Sunrise II/IMaX
 T. Kiss  University of Sheffield  Talk  Systematic variations of macrospicule properties observed by SDO/AIA over half a decade
 M. Korsos  University of Sheffield  Talk  Tracking the evolution of flaring Active Regions in 3D
 A. Koval  Institute of Space Sciences, Shandong University  Talk  Manifestations of Ionospheric Dynamics Influence On Solar Radio Observations
 H. Krishnan  National Centre for Radio Astrophysics  Talk  Waiting for abstract submission
 B. Kuzma  Maria Curie-Sklodowska University  Talk  Two-fluids simulations of acoustic and magneto-acoustic waves in the solar atmosphere
 L. Le Phuong  University of Northumbria at Newcastle  Poster  Influence of Gravitational Acceleration on Rayleigh - Taylor Instability
 B. Li  Shandong University Weihai  Talk  Seismological inference of the density structuring transverse to solar coronal loops
 N. Magyar  KU Leuven  Talk  Assessing the capabilities of Dynamic Coronal Seismology of Alfvenic waves, through forward-modeling
 P. McCauley  University of Sydney  Talk  Probing the Coronal Magnetic Field and Density Structure with Type III Radio Bursts
 N. Mittal  KVSCOS, Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut  Talk  On Some Statistical Characteristics of Large Energy CMEs During Solar Cycle 23 and 24
 A. Norton  Stanford University    Observations of Magnetic Flux Emergence Rates in the Photosphere
 J. Padmanabhan  Physical Research Laboratory  Talk  Declining Solar Photospheric Magnetic Fields and Solar Wind Micro-turbulence
 P. Pagano  University of St Andrews  Talk  How much can the damping of the observed power spectrum of transverse waves contribute to coronal heating?
 V. Pant  Indian Institute of Astrophysics  Talk  Waiting for abstract submission
 N. Pathak  Indian Institute of Technology Delhi  Poster  Effect of Guide Field in Localization of Whistler Wave and Turbulent Spectrum in Magnetic Reconnection Sites
 A. Prasad  Physical Research Laboratory  Talk  Waiting for abstract submission
 S. Priyadarshi  Instittue of Space Sciences  Talk  An empirical scintillation model for a mid-latitude station, Weihai, China
 T. Rees-Crockford  Northumbria University  Talk  A Study of a Tornado-like Quiescent Solar Prominence and its Eruption
 S. Ruzheinikov  The University of sheffield  Talk  Multiple-factor analysis of lower ionospheric perturbations based on VLF observations
 A. Sarkar  Physical Research Laboratory  Talk  Numerical Simulation of active region MHD oscillations and coronal loop implosion
 K. Sayamanthula  Queens University Belfast  Talk  Thermal conductivity of coronal loops
 E. Scullion  Northumbria University  Talk  Beam electrons as a source of H-alpha flare ribbons
 E. Scullion.  Northumbria University  Talk  The DKIST Critical Science Plan
 S. Sen  Indian Institute of Astrophysics  Talk   Magnetohydrostatic equilibria of flux tubes
 R. Sharma  National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, TIFR, Pune, India  Talk  Waiting for abstract submission
 S. Sharma.  University of Rajasthan  Talk  Study of nonlinear evolution of dispersive Alfven waves and driven plasma turbulence in solar wind
 A. Sharma..  1. IUCAA, Pune 2.Tezpur University, Assam  Talk  Observations of propagating different Sunspot Waves influenced by Chromospheric Umbral Flash oscillations
 S. Shelyag  Northumbria University  Talk  Do Photospheric Non-magnetic Bright Points Exist?
 M. Shi  Shandong University, Weihai  Talk  The parametric decay instability of Alfven waves in turbulent plasmas
 S. Simberova  Astronomical Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences  Talk  Multivariate Statistical Methods in Analysis of Dynamic Processes
 B. Snow  University of Sheffield  Poster  Magnetic shocks and substructures from torsional wave collisions in coupled expanding flux tubes
 M. Sobotka  Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences  Talk  Continuum intensity - magnetic field relation in sunspots
 U. Sofia  Claremont McKenna College  Poster  
 D. Sokoloff  Moscow State University  Talk  Surface tracers of solar activity cycle and solar dynamo
 S. Solanki  Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research  Talk  Sunrise III
 A. Tiwari  Northumbria University  Talk  Damping in Alfvenic waves as seen by CoMP
 D. Tripathi  IUCAA  Talk  The Solar Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (SUIT) on Board Aditya-L1 Mission
 D. Utz  Karl-Franzens University Graz, Austria  Talk  Long-term trends of Magnetic Bright Points: The evolution of MBP size and modelling of the number of MBPs at disc centre
 Y. Voitenko  Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy  Talk  Radio diagnostics of plasma and waves above active regions of solar corona
 N. Yadav  Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research  Talk  Role of small-scale short-lived vortices in energy transport in the lower solar atmosphere
 S. Zharkov  University of Hull  Talk  Acoustic holography egression power statistics and sun quakes